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10 Week Menopause Weight-Loss Project

  • 10Weeks
  • 50Steps


This course can now be booked without a live/Zoon component - AVAILABLE ONLINE On this programme you will learn the simple science of weight-loss. You know it already, but you have been confused by mixed messaging from a number of sources, that have told you to eat low fat, or low carb, or high fat, high protein; eat fruit/avoid fruit; avoid alcohol/drink red wine. It's understandable that you end up confused and demotivated. I am here to motivate you, teach you & support you to change your behaviours around food; to eat joyfully, with friends & family, while losing weight & eating only foods you love. Of course, you will need to be aware of what & how you are eating, but that is my part of the equation; yours is simply to follow my advice, that is backed by 60yrs of science....... & enjoy your journey towards freedom from dieting . Over our 10 weeks together, you will learn to put an end to counting calories and to starvation dieting. I will build on your knowledge week after week, with three short inputs per week to keep you motivated & on-track towards your goals. What I teach you can't unlearn!

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