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Menopause weightloss full story

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The Full Story

By mid-life you will face menopause. Why, in some cultures is it a time to be celebrated, while in ours it heralds the end of so many good things? The end of your youth, the end of your beauty, the end of your joy. The beginning of the end. I propose that menopause is a time to transition to the very best in your life. To become the true you, the strong you, the fittest you.


Don’t let menopausal fat-gain hold you back. This is not an inevitability. You can be fit and fab in your fifties and beyond. I will show you how. I have worked for twenty five years as a personal weight-loss coach with mainly women of middle age. I have developed an accurate insight into what holds us back from believing that we can be as lean and fit in our fifties as we were in our thirties.

I question the assumptions we make about this stage in life. Is becoming ‘square’ a natural evolution? Or can we retain a slim physique, with our curves still where they should be? Can we fearlessly lift heavier weights than we have ever done? Can we retain our sexy self-image?

Since graduating with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science in 1995, I have coached weight-loss clients on a one-to-one basis who tend to be mainly women, often at mid-life. In the multi-national arena I hosted lectures and groups on the broad topic of nutrition, with weight-maintenance always the central theme.

Having appeared on numerous tv shows ( The Late Late Show, Midday, Morning AM etc)  and contributing a weekly radio slot (Newstalk Pat Kenny Show) as well as having been a features writer (Irish News & Media) means  I haven’t met a question yet I can’t address when it comes to the weight-loss concerns of women, in particular at mid-life.

At mid-life now myself I see the specific needs often cited by my clients, first-hand. I have always enjoyed yoga & recently embraced weight-lifting to a new level, sea dipping at dawn and tennis like never before. While always maintaining an interest in fitness I now see its value at this particular stage. “This is use it or lose it territory we are in”. Happy always to share my knowledge on the subject; you only have to get me started!  My wealth of experience is always worth dipping into.

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