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Are you struggling to lose weight?

Have you dieted lots in the past?

Are you NOT ready to settle ?

You've come to the right place! Using my signature framework you can learn how to find ease again around food. Enjoy eating delicious meals, change your behaviours and arrive at your dream weight. My signature system will bring you easy-to-access knowledge to change how you see food, for good! With ongoing support & motivation, you will feel enabled to embrace the behaviour-change necessary to give you freedom from dieting, for life. Welcome to a new ease around eating & a stable weight for life!

Over 10 weeks I deliver you a strategic framework of habit-building behaviours and hacks to finally free you of the need to diet ever again.

There isn't a question I have not been asked over my 25 years of one-to-one coaching. Lean on my experience here!

    Citrus Fruits

    Geraldine M, Dublin

    "Anna's enthusiasm for her subject is contagious. I finally have a handle on how to eat well and not have to starve to lose weight"

    Rosemary, Cork

    "I started off feeling quite hopeless that I would ever reach my ideal weight. I have achieved so much and am well on my way"

    Mairead L

    "Thank you Anna for revitalising me and giving me targets and tools to achieve them. It's never too late!"

    10-week Menopause Weight-Loss Know-How project

    Sign-up and start at your own pace. Weekly sessions released, with support delivered on Day 2 & Day 5 of every week.

    Citrus Fruits

    Menopause Weight-Loss Know-How

    Ever wonder why you're not achieving your dream weight?

    With my programme you can lose 14pounds in 10 weeks.....comfortably. My programme is for the menopausal woman who is tired of struggling with her weight....... tired of dieting....... & ready to finally find ease around food. You've had enough of restriction.

    You've tried low-carbs diets........ fat-free......keto solutions, only to find the weight piles back on again when you stop. 

    I've helped countless women over 25 years to reach their target weight, while eating real foods, eating in restaurants, at home & with friends ....... enjoying every bite. Never eat foods you don't enjoy!

    You may think "surely I'm too old to have the body I had in my thirties".

    Well, by educating yourself on the simple science of fat-loss you can finally unlearn your problem habits.....apply new skills......start your behavioural change journey towards finding ease with food.

    My weight-loss framework combines know-how, support, motivation & accountability into one package.......that puts you in the driver's seat.

    Delight in finally achieving your target weight......with fitness & fearlessness the bonus. What I teach, you can't unlearn!

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