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Virtual 10-week programme with three support sessions per week for €250

Getting off-the-ground regarding your weight-loss journey gets tougher every year. At this age, you know what to do! I can tell you very little! I can, however, support you, specifically, around the challenges you face at this time of life; in motivating you, supporting you & educating you in weight-loss tools & behavioural supports to change how you eat for the rest of your life. For good!

Benefit from three short interactions per week, on days 1, 2 & 5, with modules on behaviour change, nutrition, fitness and focus. I can't wait to teach you dietary ease as a new way of life!


Virtual 10-week programme with three support sessions per week for €250

To put an end to dieting, we need to understand the simple science of weight-loss and weight maintenance. You've tried strict diets that are short-lived, as you suspend animation for a strict regime. Instead, learn to eat well; with friends & family; at work & when travelling and still lose weight. Focus on balance and health. Learn how to overcome those behaviours and choices that lead to weight gain.

Over 10 weeks you will receive three modules on week 1, two modules every other week and two further motivational prompts per week to keep you on track towards your goals. Lean on my 25yrs of experience to motivate yourself to success & an end to dieting, at last!

working with menopause

Bespoke Corporate Group Seminars

Having worked with such multi-nationals as Facebook, Pfizer, Boston-Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Novartis, Glaxo-Smithkline, Merc Millipore, I am aware of the constraints, as well as the many benefits, of working in such an environment. With flexible work presenting new opportunities and challenges it is important to address this changing setting for optimal health.

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