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Menopause wellbeing & strength




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Say NO to Menopause Weight Gain

I have been a weight-loss coach for over twenty five years. Many of my clients have been women of middle age. What I have learnt from such valuable clients is that we, as women, spend many decades of our lives dieting. Yet, we end up overweight at this age. How? My advice on this site, through blogs and in my weight-loss course deals with this very issue head-on. I aim to bring health, fitness, vitality back for as many women as possible through this site and through the courses I now run virtually. I learnt, in recent years, that delivering weight-loss courses right to your phone or laptop meets you at where you can give it your best attention. My approach is based on the science of nutrition with the experience of the many clients I have coached and learnt from . I hope you enjoy & I will be delighted to chat to you at any stage!

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